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Instead Success Story!

This is my mother's amazing story of her journey with Instead (behind the cut).

My mother was driving me around a few years ago and needed a tampon.  I told her I only had cups.  She took the rest of my pack and used it.  She started to use them all the time.  You see, her uterus, I guess, was falling out.  She had drainage all the time and had to use tampons 24/7.  Her womanly junk was pretty much in her vaginal area at this point.  I didn't hear much about it till recently.  Today, my mom and I had a conversation.  That led to talking about cups.  She was amazed how I found out about them and how more people should know about them.  

She told me that with the use of her Instead cups, she stopped having as much drainage and now her womanly junk is almost 90% better.  I'm not saying an instead will cure a falling uterus or whatever it was.  I never pried cause I honestly didn't want too many details about my mother's vagina.  But that is the only thing that she changed with her womanly area/situation.  She also said that she went through sooooo many tampons that she was spending $100 a month at the least.  

She also felt adamant about how more people should find out about cups.  She didn't know there were so many.  She was flabbergasted.  I think someone at work or something mentioned them since I never told her there were that many.    

I just wanted to tell you all about how these cups have evidently changed my mother's life.  And she says that I need to hold a seminar or something about them to get the word out. :P.

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