suzannesaphone (suzannesaphone) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first cup: advice

Hey everyone! I have combed over the size chart and the posts and comments and am still nervous about ordering my first cup. Here's the stats: 26 years old, no kids, low cervix (around 5 cm?), heavy flow.

I am leaning towards a large Lunette...but I'm worried about it poking out. I'm also considering the small Lunette* or the UK Mooncup (I'm currently living in Europe so the Keeper lawsuit is not an issue). I like the idea of measuring lines, so that's why I don't have LadyCup on the list. I just don't want anything poking out!

So...what do y'all think? Would the large Lunette be ok? Or would I need to go with something even shorter to prevent poke-out?

*At "yearly exams" the doctor has often had to call in a smaller speculum, so I'm not too worried about the smaller diameter.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lunette, mooncup (uk)

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