Ms. Kane (genericjanedoe) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Ms. Kane

I'm so sad right now!

I was just about to start my third cycle with my trial (inside out) Blue Cup...I was literally thinking how lucky I was that I paid $7 for a cup that lasted...and right as that thought entered my mind, it split down the side.

I'm so sad!

I also use an (inside out) I'm ok. But it's not as comfortable with it and it leaks just a smidge.

I'm not sure if I can stomach the extra money to buy a full price Ladycup, but I really liked it a lot. A lot. Lot.

So it made me is everyone else's trial Ladycups going, now that a bit of time has passed? Who's been even luckier than me, and not experienced a split at all?
Tags: lady cup

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