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pre-IUD insertion questions

This is also posted on IUD Divas. I am taking the plunge and getting a Paragard IUD this Thursday afternoon. I have a few questions about using a menstrual cup with the IUD that I  hope you guys can help me out with. Thanks so much for your help; this community is so supportive and I appreciate it so much.

1. I hate, hate, hate pads. I'm thinking about buying some cloth ones. When they tell you not to use internal menstrual products for a while after insertion is that because of the risk of infection or expulsion or both? How long do you guys think it is reasonable to wait before using tampons or a cup? I've also heard of people using sponges right after insertion. Would that be less of a risk for some reason?

2. I've read on a poll on IUD Divas that using a cup seems to pose the same amount of risk of expelling the IUD as using tampons and that you should "be careful" when using them.
    I just bought a miacup and have only used it for one period (I'm on day 5 now). It is working really well for me. I had a Keeper several years ago but it kept leaking and I gave up on it.
    Which is to say that I don't have a ton of experience with cups but would like to be able to use mine with my IUD. I have fairly long vagina so removal is a little bit difficult. I have been bearing down, grasping the tab with one hand and inserting a finger of the other hand to break the suction. I seem to need to get the finger over the rim of the cup, pinching the base doesn't work. It usually comes out smooched in half and is a little messy.
    I feel concerned about using the cup as I'm not experienced with it. Is the risk only from getting the strings caught or can the IUD really be pulled on from the suction of the cup? I'm also not sure what I can do to "be careful" when removing it. Should I be running my finger all the way around the rim to make sure the strings aren't caught between the vaginal wall and the cup? And if using a tampon has the same risk as the cup what can I do to prevent the strings from being caught by a tampon? Are sea sponges any safer?

I'm sorry but I still can't figure out how to put this behind a cut. The Livejournal help gave so many ways to do it and I don't know anything about html. Could somebody send me a link to the correct directions?

Thanks for your help.
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