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Feeling Discouraged :(

I did a great deal of research before purchasing my Divacup, and was looking forward to doing a very small favor for the environment (and a very large favor for my budget), but things are not going well. I fear that my anatomy is not suited to a menstrual cup in the slightest.

The following is a bit graphic and wordy...

I bought the size 1 Diva, and as I feared, it was much too long. Even with the stem cut off completely, it hangs out. After getting very sore from forcing myself to wear it anyway, I gave up and decided to turn it inside out. I had very little trouble removing it the first time, but apparently I just got lucky. When turned inside out it just barely fit inside, and was much more comfortable, but when I tried to remove it I discovered this method made it nearly impossible. After about fifteen minutes I gave up and tried again two hours later, but no luck. Finally after about half an hour in the bathroom I managed to yank it off my poor cervix. The suction WOULD NOT let go. I tried everything. The feeling of pulling that hard on my cervix was so sickening I literally almost vomited.

Before this gets any longer I'm going to switch to a list format in the hope that someone will actually read this and possibly offer some advice.

1. I have never been to a gynecologist, but I am fairly certain that there is something odd about my cervix. It is very wide, it protrudes from my vaginal wall about an inch, and it sits only 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch within my vagina. This is not only at a certain time of the month.

2. I can push the cervix up slightly with the Divacup in order to fit it in, but this creates powerful suction that latches on perfectly around my cervix and holds on for dear life.

3. Even with the cup right side out the suction is so strong that none of the recommended removal techniques work. (Other than the first time, while the stem was still intact.)

4. I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and it might just be a coincidence, but after many weeks of feeling pretty well, I got very sick repeatedly while using the Divacup. Has anyone else with IBS experienced this?

5. Can you recycle silicone? Blowing 32 bucks sucks enough as it is, but the very last thing I wanted to do is generate MORE waste by throwing it away, to sit in a landfill until the end of time, along with all of my tampons.

All in all I am feeling pretty disappointed right now. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was a little excited about this switch (visions of Feminism and Empowerment dancing in my head), and really wanted it to work.

I don't have much hope for a solution to these issues, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

Tags: cervix position, first time use

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