lovemy2 (lovemy2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Time Instead user having problems inserting

I picked up a pack of instead cups today and followed the instructions to insert them.  I pushed down and back as far as I could, while sitting on the toilet, slightly leaning forward.  I pushed it in so that the outer ring was back behind my pubic bone, but as soon as I sat up straight it slid back out.   I tried to insert the damn thing about 2 dozen times today.  I didn't feel uncomfortable, but it leaked all over the place.  I know it wasn't in there right.  I ended up taking it out and wearing a regular pad.  I was so frustrated  that I can't get this thing in, I was almost in tears.  I would like to get a Diva Cup, but I can't even insert the Instead Cup.
Tags: insertion, insertion - painful or problems, instead
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