3fantasybooks (3fantasybooks) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A Few Questions

Hello everyone. :) I started using my small Divacup for the first time on my period over Saturday night. So far I really like it, but I do have some questions and would appreciate if anyone had any suggestions/answers/experiences/you get the point. :P

1. My cup sits pretty low, so when I try to have a bowel movement (for lack of better term), I need to take it out. Just like when I "bear down" to then break the suction and take out my cup, it slides down. Does this happen to anyone else?

2. So far, emptying it has been a bit messy. Because I am a virgin, I need to fold the cup to take it out, but the real problem is when my cup is very full (i.e. overnight on a heavy day [well, technically night, but that's besides the point]). To break the suction, I push on the side of the cup. When I did this this morning (in the shower, mind you-I was prepared :]), I felt a little bit like a fountain. Is there any way to avoid extreme messyness? I've been able to empty it while sitting on the toilet, and I'm getting better, so does it just take practice?

3. Based on your own personal experience (and/or other techniques), after you empty your cup, do you
     a) wipe it with toilet paper and insert
     b) insert straightaway again
     c) rinse it. if so, how do you get over to the sink without blood dripping all over the floor? In my bathroom, my sink is a good 3 steps from the toilet, and about 5 "waddling" steps (if underwear is at the knees, lol; yes, I counted, but I figured details are better than none).
     d) other. explain?

4. If you live with a roommate/family/etc. how do you boil your cup without their noticing. The females of my household know I have a cup, but the male does not, and if he sees a weird silicone cup thingy boiling away, he might ask some uncomfortable questions. I'd rather he not know-at least for the time being.

5. The stem. This isn't exactly a question. I'm just debating whether or not I should cut it yet. I could feel it sometimes, and want to cut just a bit off, but I don't want to yet, just in case. Btw, the stem makes it easier for me to remove the cup, so I want to keep at least part of it there. Should I wait to finish this cycle, or cut it off right now. It's not necessarily uncomfortable, and I don't want to end up cutting too much.

Automatic kudos to anyone who reads all the way up to here, lol.

(P.S. I realize #5 isn't really a question, but if you have any comments/experiences, please let me know. :))


Tags: bowel movements, cleaning - boiling, removal, stem length/trimming

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