Khory Bannefin (khorybannefin) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Khory Bannefin

Success with Diva #2

Good afternoon ladies!
I wanted to post an update. After wailing about my issues with my divacup size 1 last month I am happy to report that this month divacup size 2 is working great!
Obviously the step up in size was exactly what was needed and I'm happy that the random leaking and squidge issues that I experienced with size 1 are entirely gone. It handled my heavy day(s) like a champ!
I'd considered going for the large Ladycup but for now I'll stick with my diva and see how things go. I might buy the ladycup another time just to see what the difference is, but I'm in no hurry.

Thanks for all your helpful information and support!
Tags: sizes/size issues, success stories

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