let_it_be_14 (let_it_be_14) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Masturbating... *Quite graphic*

Okay so I am 14 and a cup user for a few months. I love the ease of it and how clean I feel...

But anyway. I recently discovered masturbation and I'm quite grumpy on my period so I thought oh, the perfect thing to cheer me up! So I removed my cup in the shower and masturbated to what I think is orgasm in the shower. But when I got out after blood started dripping down my legs. I sat on the toilet and a massive clump about the size of 2 or 3 fingernail came out. After I wiped myself and all the blood (it was everywhere... my llegs, and all over me *down there*.

Why did this happen and is it somehow related to the masturbation as it happened after? To masturbate I focus the showerhead thats fixed to the wall on my clit and I lie down and... you know the rest. I dont think much if any water got up there... SO what caused this? :S

If it helps this is my second day of my period and I had the shower in the morning after emptying the cup. sorry if this is TMI but I didn't know where to ask this. Answers please?

Tags: age, sexual activity
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