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Mod post: some new tags, and posts about cup offers and deals

Hi all,

Two things!

Firstly, some new tags

I've just gone through the tag list on the right and reorganised it a bit. I think it makes much more sense now, but please let me know what you think.

Here are the new tags from the past few months which I've just added to the sidebar:

Alicia, a brand
continuous use, for posts about using a cup outside of your period
cup lifespan, for discussions of how long cups last
doctors, for posts about reactions/comments by doctors or other health professionals
environmental impact
family and friends, for posts about reactions from people you know
keeper company. I was a bit unsure about adding this tag as I dont want to single them out. But hey, its something we talk about pretty often.
Lunette Selene
Mpowercup, also a brand

I'll go back and populate these as far as I can. Help is appreciated. Don't forget all community members can tag posts - your own and other people's, old and current posts. The more stuff we can get tagged, the better the resource this community becomes. I'm also going to start being more active about linking common questions to the tagged history, feel free to join me in this.

If you have any comments about the tags list or the reorganisation on the navigation bar, don't hesitate to shout.

Secondly: posts about good deals/offers on purchasing cups

A few guidelines about this.

Posts about good deals you've found, coupons and so on are entirely on topic and welcome here. (Please tag them 'Where to buy'!). That includes coupon codes that give the member who gave them out some kind of kickback.

1) We request that you be upfront about any kickback you might be receiving. Most people don't mind, lots of people are actively happy to help you out, but everyone wants to know.
2) Since these are only interesting to the minority of people who are interested in a deal for that particular cup/country, we also request that you put them behind a cut. So an example post would look like:

Subject: Divacup deal from exampleshop.com

(Divacup for only $somenumber, including delivery!) or
(Excellent offer for anyone here in $country) or
(Cupon code to get 5% off at $cupseller), etc.

If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, please see this section of the LJ FAQ.

I'll be putting this request in the userinfo.

Tags: admin

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