So, I have a DivaCup and a MCUK. I tried the DivaCup, and fell in love with it right away. It was easy to use, and everything. Still, I decided to give my MCUK a go, and decided this was the period to do it (36 days since my last period, can  you believe that?).

I chickened out, and tried to insert my Diva, but it. Would. Not. Open. I put the DivaCup out of it's misery like Old Yeller away, jilted,  and inserted the MCUK with the c fold. Wouldn't open. Then I remembered kuradi8 saying something about inserting the punch-down fold upside down and VOILA! It worked. Yes, I was a bit raw/sore from reinserting the cups, but it was virtually without discomfort. So, I waited about 8 hours, and then went to empty my cup.

Major pain.

Like, the most pain I've EVER felt in my vagina area since I was 11 and banged my clitoris on some playground equipment and thought I was going to die. The rim of the MCUK got stuck, not behind, but underneath my pubic bone. Even shifting it a little hurt. Eventually, I got it out, but not before I was drenched in sweat and feeling a little shocky. I went around all day telling my sister that I never should have cheated on my Diva, caressing it. After the initial WTF, she indulged my crazy, saying that I was an adulterer and should repent XD. I decided not to give up on the MCUK, and inserted and emptied the cup with pretty much the same result, though I did realize that I wasn't tilting the MCUK far enough ahead of my pubic bone so that the same thing didn't happen. I also trimmed the stem up tp the ridges on the stem, and then trimmed one more ridge off. On the 3rd try, the MCUK did get caught again, but I pulled the cup out to one side, so that the cup was almost resting against my labia, and it was very uncomfortable, but it came out a lot quicker, and without pain.
Things I learned:
1. The MCUK is a lot stiffer in the rim area than the Diva.
2. The MCUK will not fold back into a c fold on it's own like the Diva, so pinching and pulling is a no no.
3. Listen to people/the company when they say tilt the cup as you're removing it. For Real.
4. I learned what my menstrual fluid looks like in the cup! I think that almost makes up for the ordeal I went through. That was probably the #1 reason I wanted to try my MCUK. My fluid always went straight into the toilet with my Diva.

I've been so caught up in the MCUK that I didn't feel for my cervix like I wanted to. :( It's already gona back up. I'll definitely be going back to my Diva next period, and I'll try to use that upside down punch-down fold if it doesn't open with the c fold (which I now realize I didn't try). I'll try the MCUK again.... eventually. For now, I've decided to end the affair.
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melissa569melissa569 on April 12th, 2009 11:29 am (UTC)
I don't have the MCUK (yet) but its next on my list, lol. I do have the Femmecup though, which is pretty much identical... Only the "cup" part is a bit thinner/squishier. And yeah, with the more pronounced rims (and the softer ones like Ladycup) they both provide super suction, lol. So tilting it left and right seems to be the magic key to removal (I think).
rowan99 on April 12th, 2009 12:22 pm (UTC)
I had the same problem with my Femmecup. I found it was Soooo much easier when I turned it inside out. The rim is not so pronounced that way.