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Cheating on the Diva with My Undercover Luvah, MCUK

So, I have a DivaCup and a MCUK. I tried the DivaCup, and fell in love with it right away. It was easy to use, and everything. Still, I decided to give my MCUK a go, and decided this was the period to do it (36 days since my last period, can  you believe that?).

I chickened out, and tried to insert my Diva, but it. Would. Not. Open. I put the DivaCup out of it's misery like Old Yeller away, jilted,  and inserted the MCUK with the c fold. Wouldn't open. Then I remembered kuradi8 saying something about inserting the punch-down fold upside down and VOILA! It worked. Yes, I was a bit raw/sore from reinserting the cups, but it was virtually without discomfort. So, I waited about 8 hours, and then went to empty my cup.

Major pain.

Like, the most pain I've EVER felt in my vagina area since I was 11 and banged my clitoris on some playground equipment and thought I was going to die. The rim of the MCUK got stuck, not behind, but underneath my pubic bone. Even shifting it a little hurt. Eventually, I got it out, but not before I was drenched in sweat and feeling a little shocky. I went around all day telling my sister that I never should have cheated on my Diva, caressing it. After the initial WTF, she indulged my crazy, saying that I was an adulterer and should repent XD. I decided not to give up on the MCUK, and inserted and emptied the cup with pretty much the same result, though I did realize that I wasn't tilting the MCUK far enough ahead of my pubic bone so that the same thing didn't happen. I also trimmed the stem up tp the ridges on the stem, and then trimmed one more ridge off. On the 3rd try, the MCUK did get caught again, but I pulled the cup out to one side, so that the cup was almost resting against my labia, and it was very uncomfortable, but it came out a lot quicker, and without pain.
Things I learned:
1. The MCUK is a lot stiffer in the rim area than the Diva.
2. The MCUK will not fold back into a c fold on it's own like the Diva, so pinching and pulling is a no no.
3. Listen to people/the company when they say tilt the cup as you're removing it. For Real.
4. I learned what my menstrual fluid looks like in the cup! I think that almost makes up for the ordeal I went through. That was probably the #1 reason I wanted to try my MCUK. My fluid always went straight into the toilet with my Diva.

I've been so caught up in the MCUK that I didn't feel for my cervix like I wanted to. :( It's already gona back up. I'll definitely be going back to my Diva next period, and I'll try to use that upside down punch-down fold if it doesn't open with the c fold (which I now realize I didn't try). I'll try the MCUK again.... eventually. For now, I've decided to end the affair.
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, mooncup (uk), popping open, teething troubles

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