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By George, I've almost got it...

Thank you!!!!

You guys have been so much help! The removal tips you guys gave me were perfect. I can now remove, clean, and reinsert my cup in less than ten minutes. How awesome is that?

This period has been great. There’s so much that has been different. What I love best is the smell and how clean I feel. No more getting out of the shower and feeling like I’m not entirely clean and no more of that ‘period smell.’ My cup is…well, it’s perfect. It’s the right size, the right wonderful blue color, the right stiffness…everything! I love that no one sees me taking my purse to the bathroom and knows that I’m on my period.

Now sadly, there *were* two downsides, one of which I have fixed, but the other I’m going to need a little help on.

I love my stem. I really do. But it kept poking me. Once, I put it in perfectly and it didn’t even brush me but other than that I kept wanting to take scissors to myself without even waiting to get the cup out of me. I trimmed it three times (a little bit each time) and ended up trimming until all that’s left is the topmost ridge on the stem. It’s a nub really, rather than an actual stem, but it’s all that I really need as far as grabbing it goes, and it *never* pokes me in the least.

The other problem is really just something that I think will take more practice but I would like some advice. On my first day (my heaviest) my cup leaked like it was a tampon after having been in for around three or four hours. It wasn’t until I took the cup out that afternoon that I realized that my cup was leaking because it was overflowing.

I never really thought that I’d be able to fill it, because when I was using tampons I estimated that I maybe bled around 22 mL in twelve hours. That’s just under the capacity for the large Lunette so I thought that I’d have plenty of room. For every other day after that I *did* have plenty of room, but it’s that first day that worries me a bit.

One of the benefits to switching to a cup was no pads, or only thin panty liners. I can never get pads to stay in place without wearing a girdle and let me tell you girdles are the bane of my existence. They make things more painful and bunchy than they really have to be, so I’d like to be free of them entirely. The obvious solution is to empty my cup more often.

Here’s my question: do any of you have any tips for removing and reinserting my cup in public?

Though I’m switching schools in the summer, my current school doesn’t have the large stalls with sinks in them (I haven’t been in a bathroom at the new school). Also, I have a hard time removing my cup while standing/crouched over a toilet (it seems to make me more tense) and I’ve not yet been able to insert my cup without lube. Any suggestions?

Thanks again ladies! Hugs for all!

Tags: leakage & spotting, lunette, stem length/trimming, success stories

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