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leaking and removal

Hi everyone!  I currently have two cups, a small Lunette and a small trial LilaCup (which I think is stiffer than a regular LilaCup/LadyCup).  This morning my period started, so I decided to try out the LilaCup, since I got it at the very end of my last cycle.  It leaked pretty badly, and I took it out after only two hours.  I'm not sure if it was full or not, because it's kind of tricky to remove and made a mess of my hands before I could see.  So I put in my Lunette and had only my normal amount of leaking or "residual slobber" as some people call it.

So I guess I have several related questions.  
1.  Why do you think the LilaCup would leak like that? It's a bit smaller than the Lunette and has a smaller capacity, and this was my heavy day, so that could be it.
2.  How can I get rid of the "residual slobber"?  It's kind of an annoying amount for me.  I think my problem is that to remove my cup, I have been trying to fold it into a C-fold so that it is smaller while it's coming out, but that causes all of the blood to squish out while it's still inside me, so I think that results in more blood in there to become "residual slobber."  So this brings me to my next question.
3.  How can I remove my cup without causing so much mess?
4.  If all else fails, should I try a bigger cup?  I have two of the smallest cups out there.  I'm 22 and a virgin.  My canal is pretty short (I have a small stub left on the end of each cup, about the length of one of the grips on the stem of the Lunette), and the entrance it pretty tight (I can only fit one finger it, or maybe two if I'm really, really relaxed), but I'm not necessarily tight higher up where the cup would be (not very high, but not at the entrance, obviously).

Tags: leakage & spotting, removal, sizes/size issues
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