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My Experience With Different Cups

Since I finally found the perfect cup for me, I thought I'd post about my experiences with the different cups.

The first one I tried was the Keeper. It was uncomfortable, so I rarely used it. After coming to this website I learned about stirring around the cup which helped me get it in the right position. That made it comfortable to wear but I still had difficulty removing it. At the time, I thought it was a size issue, so I got a small Diva. I believe now that it's the soft slippery bottom that makes it difficult to break the seal and pull out.

The small Diva cup worked okay for me, mostly. The writing and ridges made it a little bit of a pain to clean. I feel it more than the other cups because of the length, but it's still more comfortable than pads and tampons. Because of the firm bottom, it's easy for me to remove. I liked it but I thought I'd try other cups to see if anything would be better for me.

The next cup I tried was the small Mooncup UK. It's really comfortable and the firm bottom makes it easy to remove. This would be the perfect cup if the lettering wasn't so hard to clean and if the holes were a little higher. I tend to get the occasional air bubble coming out with lower holes and the capacity was a bit too small for me.

After that came the large Lilac Lady Cup. It's very bendy which makes folding it easier. If you've ever tried inserting a cup while drunk, you'll realize the benefit. There's no lettering or ridges, so it's very easy to clean...another big plus. The only problem is that it's too hard for me to remove. The bottom is too soft and slippery. I have a hard time grabbing it and I never was able to break the seal. Since I couldn't break the seal until it was out of my body, it caused me to spill blood on my clothes a few times.

I just got my final cup, the large Lunette. I'd heard that it was the stiffest, so I was reluctant to try it, but it turned out to be the best for me. The stiffness might make drunk insertion a little trickier, but I think I can make do. ;D It's just as comfortable as the UK Mooncup and Lady Cup. I don't feel it at all. The bottom is firm, so it's easy to remove. The lettering is flat, so it's easy to clean. I've seen people here recommend Lunette as a good starter cup and I completely agree.

After trying all these cups, I highly recommend trying another one if you aren't absolutely crazy about the one you have. In my opinion, all of the cups were good, but finding the perfect one really does make a difference.
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