Baby Bloodheart (babybloodheart) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Baby Bloodheart

Green compassions between softcups and tampons

I'm wondering if softcups are better or worse for the environment than tampons.

Softcups are made from plastics and disposable, but at the same time you use less than with tampons due to how long they can be worn for and they can be reused multiple times. Also people think it's okay to throw tampons down the toilet, which can cause multiple problems, people are less likely to try to flush softcups.

With tampons there is manufacturing, non-organic cotton, synthetics made from paper which wastes a lot of the wood forested for this purpose. Chemicals used to treat and bleach the tampons, and how these chemicals are disposed of, also additional energy used in the various processes in tampon manufacturing.

Is it a six and two threes situation or do you think that one beats the other on it's green credentials (or lack of) softcups at least make up some by helping make women aware of the concept of menstrual cups? Is it 'okay' to forgive environmental issues with softcups if they are at least saving womens health and combating menstrual taboos compared to tampons?
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