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Instead constest.....Free box

I havent had an account or posted here until today, though have lurked since early last fall when i started looking at menstrual cups.  I've since gotten a Diva Cup and Insteads, both of which I love.  Prefer the Diva cup, but do lik...e the insteads as well.  Am actually only on my second one as ive been using it like a semi reusable cup.  But since i initially ordered the trial pack through the softcup website, I ended up getting this email the other day.  Thought maybe some other ladies here might like to do this but have only gotten insteads at stores.  And it says every entry gets a 24 count if using one for each period, that would be good for 2 years.......longer if using one for a couple periods before tossing.  Cant imagaine how long a case....or 3 cases at that would last if using them like semi reusable.


Dear Loyal Instead Users!
We are having a contest!

Yes, a contest...actually 2...with lots of winners! Every entry will receive 1 free 24-count box of Instead® Softcup™!

We want videos! We want your best shot at a commercial or creative video for Instead®.

Pull out the video camera. Jump in front of your webcam. Give a personal testimonial. Introduce a friend to it on camera. Get Creative! Be silly! Be edgy! Anything goes!

We want your ideas!

Don't have a video camera? Send us your best ideas for an ad or commercial for the Softcup™.
Send as many as you like!


Each contest will have 10 winners.

1st place: $1,000 plus 3 cases of Instead (approx 3 years supply)

2nd place: $500 plus 2 cases of Instead

3rd place: $250 plus 1 case of Instead

4th - 10th place: 1 case of Instead (approx 1 year supply)

Submission Information:

You can submit your videos or ideas by email to

OR by mail to:

Instead Video Contest
4275 Executive Square
Suite 440
La Jolla, CA 92037

Submission DEADLINE is midnight Pacific Time on July 31 for emails or postmarked by July 31 for mail-in entries.

Any of the following formats are acceptable: any MPEG format, Quicktime (.mov), DV, AVI, Windows Media (.wmv), DVD

You must also complete and sign this consent form ( and send via mail, email, or fax (858) 550-0119.

Thanks everyone, Good Luck....and.....ACTION!


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