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Trial Lilac Cup impressions and removal advice

So back when Lady Cup was selling off their faulty colored cup stock, I got myself a Lilac Cup in the larger size. On the plus side it hasn't cracked at all after two (non-consecutive) days' use, and it's as comfortable as my Diva. (I also have a US Keeper Mooncup and do not like that one quite as much as the Diva. All three cups are in the larger sizes - I'm age 31, no children.)

On the minus side, I'm having a heck of a hard time removing it! I have no trouble removing either the Diva or Mooncup. On the Lilac Cup however, the silicone seems more slick than the others so I have a hard time getting a grip on it, plus it has bumps rather than rings so that doesn't seem to give me much traction either. I usually remove the Diva and Mooncup without making any extra effort to break the suction (as I'm pulling it out by the base or stem, the cup usually gets deformed enough to break the suction on its own without spilling the contents), and without needing to consciously do Kegels. For the Lilac Cup I tried gripping the stem but my fingers kept slipping off. My fingers also kept slipping off the base at first. I tried reaching a finger up to break the suction but it turns out that pushing on the side doesn't break the suction and it's difficult for me to reach all the way up to the rim. What finally worked was grabbing the base really REALLY hard with one hand and the stem with the other, while also doing Kegels.

Any other suggestions on what else I can try for removing it next time? So far I like my Diva best (first cup), so it's no biggie if I can't get the Lilac to work right for me, and I can always just leave it in a desk drawer at work as a backup.

I gave the inside-out a shot, and it works! I don't really have any additional difficulty getting it in, and it's much easier to grip inside out (less slick, and seems easier to push in the sides enough to get a grip) though it still is more difficult to remove than either the Diva or Keeper Mooncup US. But this's enough of an improvement that I can definitely keep using it! Thanks so much!
Tags: brand comparisons, coloured lady cups, removal, removal - painful or problems, teething troubles
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