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Still loving my menstrual cup

I'm just about to start my 5th cycle with my Diva Cup (DC) and actually looking forward to it!? 
Fast forward to this cycle:  This morning I noticed a bit of discharge with that bit of a tinge letting my know my period is soon to be arriving but I can never tell for sure exactly when it will be here.  It dawned on me that all I had to do was insert my cup to catch any discharge and if in fact my period came along I wouldn't have to be 'surprised' by it!  Even if it is another couple or so days before it gets here, no problem wearing the cup!!  It won't hurt anything the way using those rough pads/liners or tampons could!!

I've been happy with my cup since the first time I tried it.  Sure, I panicked and thought I'd never be able to remove my cup the first time I inserted it and then tried to get it out.  I tried and tried but I couldn't get it out.  I didn't have anyone I could turn to to help out if I had to and there was no way I wanted to go the a clinic or my panick those were the options I was envisioning!!  LOL  Well, I decided to just walk away and not think about it.  Later I tried again and all I had to do was bear down, reach in and try to grasp the a 'real' leak once the rest of the time I've found my cup to work really well.  I am still not so confident to use it without a liner (I have tried a cloth liner).  I find that I do have a bit of residual blood that sits around the cup even if I swirl my finger around it and like to just have a liner there in case.  Actually, I've found my cloth liner quite comfortable and find myslef wearing it on days I just want to feel clean or am concerned of excess discharge when I am not menstruating.
I can't even feel my cup; as a matter of fact if I didn't leave the bag it come with out on my bathroom sink counter I would forget to take it out tonight I am certain of it.  While on my period, my cup is also very comfortable and I barely feel it if at all.  As others in this forum have reported, I actually look forward to my period now and it just doesn't seem to be such a 'pain'.  It has been interesting to see how much bleeding actually occurs thoughout my cycle.  I have tried to keep track but after a day or 2 I forget.  As for when to empty my cup, I do it whenever I have a chance especially on my heaviest day just to avoid risk of I empty it around the lunch hour (noon) and at least once before if I can.  Mind you that so far has been possible because I'm at home or work and have access to a bathroom/toilet so I can make time take my cup out whenever I want.
I'm happy with my DC but wouldn't mind trying another one in time.
For anyone out there thinking about trying a cup, go ahead and give it a shot.  Be realistic and keep in mind there is a bit of a learning curve, which for some of us seems to take longer than others.  If you get frustrated with your cup, walk away for a while and think of something else and come back to give it another try a bit later on.
Thanks for everyone in this forum as you have provided me with great info and answers while I was lurking before getting my cup and all that I find has helped me form realistic expectations and made my introduction to my cup all that easier and over all a very positive experience.
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