Sleepy Kid (sleepykidd) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sleepy Kid

Cup convert and activism!

Hi guys. I'm a recent cup convert and since coming across this community a week and a half ago I have undergone quite a paradigm shift.

Like many women, when I first heard of menstrual cups I was kind of disgusted. It was in a knitting book I got from the library, Anticraft (I've seen the finished squid cup cozy on this community since then). I was immediately disgusted and wondered why anyone would want to collect their period in a cup. I have never been a fan of periods. In fact, when I started missing them a few years ago my thoughts were “good riddance!” rather than “damn, I should really get this checked out.” (I eventually got it checked out, four years later, to find out that I have PCOS. Hmmm.)

Forward to two weeks ago. I saw a friend on Facebook join a group where someone (an Aucklander) was planning to make a ten minute doco about the outrageous price of pads and tampons. I was interested so I joined. And there were a few members who had posted about the joys of the Mooncup and the Divacup and the negative effects of tampons. I did some research, and in the process came across this website. The time I have spent on here! There are so many interesting and informative posts, and everyone is very helpful and supportive. (I wonder if there are any tampon support sites like this?)

I ordered a Divacup (as it seemed like the most popular on the Facebook group) and got it yesterday. Now I just want to tell all my friends about it, but, as you know, not everyone is comfortable talking about periods. I've joined a few cup groups on Facebook hoping that my friends might get interested and do some research themselves.

So that's my big cup discovery story. I'm not going to be too worried if the Diva isn't right for me – in fact, it gives me a chance to begin collecting cups, lol.
Unfortunately my period finished two days before I got my cup, so I have to wait for however many weeks until it decides to happen again. But until then, I want to spread the word and get more converts! Hehe.

Skipping to the questions, for those not interested in my "cup testimonial".

1.I want to spread the word! I am thinking of making posters, the type that people often have with little flaps to rip off with phone numbers on them, but instead of a number, I want to put a website link. Are there any websites that you would recommend for initial information, preferably ones that immediately dispel the “gross factor”?
2.Does anyone have any flyers/posters/brochures which they wouldn't mind me printing and sticking on noticeboards, bathroom doors, etc? I have had a look through the Activism and Papers/articles/pamphlets tags too, though I'm planning on creating something like the Mooncup posters that were in the UK with less info and more sparking of interest.
Tags: activism, success stories
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