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success! (for now)

Hi everyone... i've been lurking on this community for a little bit, because I was curious about menstrual cups and wanted more details from first-hand experiences. I got a small Divacup today, and was excited to use it. For the first time, I wanted my period to come! not very normal for me... :P

Anyway, i wanted to test it out on a dry run, and.... couldn't get it in. so, with a sore vagina, i proceeded to make an account, and continue to search. :) i practiced folding my cup, and decided that the labia fold or the origami fold would be good for me. i tried again, and TA-DA, no problems! although,  it did shock me when it went in quite easily. i was also afraid of how it would expand (im a virgin, and i had the fear that it would slip and open MUCH to early.... yes, a vivid imagination does not help when trying new things), but it was all good! i now have to try and get it out (!), but im sure that with all of your guyses help, ill get it out just fine.

so basically, lol, i just wanted to say thanks :)

UPDATE: help? i just tried to take it out, and no such luck. once i get about 1/3 of the cup "out" it hurts... im pretty sure i broke the suction (if there ever was any). i grabbed the stem till i could pinch the base. didn't work. then i tried hooking my finger onto the side. didn't work.

any tips please? im hoping that maybe since it didn't work the first time i tried inserting, then it doesn't work the first time i try taking it out. im going to wait a while and see if i can get it out the second time....
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