Kelly (rainbowtastic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Over already?!

So, my first cycle with the cup is over. I'm sort of sad, for the first time ever, but not at the same time. I absolutely love the Diva, but am still considering buying the Lunette since its supposed to be easier to collapse. Maybe its just that I haven't quite gotten the hang of breaking the suction yet, but for the first time today(the last time I took it out...) I am pretty sure I did it right! I was able to break the suction by squeezing the cup and pulling it out on an angle, but it was barely full, so I'm not even positive. For the first time ever, I wish my period had been a day longer!

I've been modifying my cup to suit my suction needs, and it has helped a LOT. At first, I couldn't break the suction for anything. I tried cutting the holes a small bit bigger, and it only helped in the fact that it wouldn't suction back together when I was taking it out. I cut them bigger again, and it made popping it out a little easier. I cut two more holes in it, up by the others, and found that it made it even easier, to the point that I'm pretty sure I've done it correctly this time. So, for anyone who has trouble with the intense suction of the Diva, if you are careful and are willing to buy small sharp objects, then you should be able to correct your troubles through trial-and-error.

All in all, I am VERY happy with this cup, and if its OK with my gyno, I will definitely keep it and use it while I have the IUD, if capacity allows.
Tags: success stories

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