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Lowest cervix contest OR How long is your inside-out cup?

Well, my period finally started again, so I got to measure the distance from my introitus to the near side of my cervix. 35 mm!! No wonder my Diva hangs out so badly (even inside out)! And to think, when I first discovered this site I thought my problems were all related to diameter and Kegels (or relative lack thereof)!

I think Day 3 of my period is when my cervix will be at its lowest, since that's been when I typically have to give up and go to pads. I'll have to remeasure....

I already have poured over and agonized over the size charts. Now I just want to collect some data! If you have inverted your cup, how long is the inverted length? FYI, the large Diva goes from 57mm to 51 or 52mm. It would be awesome to have this data all in one place for other low-riding women.

Summary of inside-out lengths (a work in progress):
Large Diva     57mm -> 51mm
Small Diva     57mm -> 

Large LadyCup     53mm ->
Small LadyCup     46mm -> 43mm

Large MCUK     50mm -> 
Small MCUK     50mm -> 43mm

Large Lunette     52mm -> 
Small Lunette     47mm -> 43mm

Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, inside-out, sizes/size issues

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