♔ Milly ♔ (daguerreotype) wrote in menstrual_cups,
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I just got my very first Mooncup (UK) today! It went in very easily first time, using the C-fold, however it did make some freaky squealing noises due to the air being squished out of it while I put it in... D:

I cut the stem off completely, I think I have an itty-bitty sized vagina because the stem was irritating me even when it was tiny. Sooo, now I have a problem.. I can't get it out!

I've tried squatting and pushing with my vaginal muscles but the bloody (lol, pun) thing wont budge! Obviously, me cutting the stem off isn't helping my little fingers grasp the cup, it feels like there's a lot of suction going on too. I've tried prying it out with tweezers but it's not working. I would try sticking some lube up there but I don't have any.
Also, I'm not tense at all, and I've read the tags/memories and nothings helpiiiiiing! ):

Please help, lovely cuppers!
Tags: mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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