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Diva Cup too wide?


First I just want to thank you for this forum, which is full of helpful information.  

I just tried a diva cup 2 for the first time yesterday.  I'm in my mid-forties, never had kids, always have found gyn exams painful, and have rarely liked penetrative vaginal sex (not a big deal to me, I'm a lesbian) ...... so, in some ways I relate to the teen virgins who post, although I'm probably more comfortable with my anatomy, and I have heavy peri-menopausal periods now..... but I don't much like having stuff  up in me.   I mostly find tampons uncomfortable, but I wear them when I swim or on very heavy days.    I decided to try the diva cup because I liked the idea of it, especially environmentally, although I thought it was very possible that it wouldn't work out for me.  I bought size 2 according to my age.

I had a lot of trouble inserting with the C fold, although I finally got it in.  I'm still a bit sore from those initial attempts.  Then I found this forum, and later tried the punch down fold, which worked fine for me.   I'm still somewhat awkward with getting it out, but I'm getting better at it.   It's definitely more comfortable than a tampon, and I'd have to say I'm doing better than I expected, so now I'm hoping I can make the cup work for me.
My issue is that I can feel it when it's in me, and it's the width not the length that I feel.  My  vagina is on the long, narrow side (it's been a bit hard to reach to get the cup out), and I'm not having any of the problems that many people report with the length.  So, I wonder if  I would be better off with the Diva Cup 1, but then there would be a  tradeoff with reduced capacity since my flow is heavy, and maybe it'd leak.   Or, perhaps I should just be patient and see if I'll get used to this size.  I was wondering if there were others out there on  the older side of still menstruating who switched to the smaller diva cup after starting with the larger one and could tell me how it worked out.....or others who have other relevant advice.   thanks. 
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