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lady cup love!

I'm a 42 year old woman with two vaginal births (to big babies!) and have been using the Moon Cup US large for the past 2 or 3 years. It worked fine but was never really amazingly comfortable - sometimes I had issues getting it inserted correctly and once in a while it would pinch or cause a lot of pressure. Nothing so awful that I had to stop using it though, and it was way better than tampons or anything else.

Well after reading this community for a couple of months I went and bought myself a LadyCup large (regular color) and let me just say it is Amazing!!!! I'm on my second full day of use with it and I am in love with it! It inserts so easily, first time, every time - no problems, it is really comfortable and easy to remove as well. There is no pressure like with the Moon Cup US, and no pinching or poking stem. The difference in how it feels is really considerable and I wouldn't have expected it to be so noticeably better!

Thanks to everyone who is repsonsible for making this community and everyone who has posted so many helpful informational posts - it has had a really positive effect in my life!!

Also - I took the "what cup is right for you" poll and the LadyCup came in at number 2 and the Moon Cup US was all the way down at 12 or something, so I think the poll (for me at least) is really accurate.

A question - what to do with old cups that you would probably never use again? Are the recyclable? Is it too gross to sell or give someone a (clean, sterilized) used cup?
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