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More About MPower

indigo_dawn said she got an email reply from Glenda at MPower and quoted a sentence about its sizing.  I got an email from Glenda this morning too and I suspect we both got the same "generic form letter" reply because mine had the exact same sentence.

On February 24, I wrote to MPower and asked:
At your convenience, could you please tell me the dimensions of the new Mpower Cup?
Width of the outer diameter of the rim?
External length of the cup, not including the stem?
Capacity in ml to the holes, to the brim?

Those dimensions will be posted at: http://community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups/1285963.html

Also, there is already international interest in the cup.  Please post your international shipping rates.

On April 5, Glenda replied:

Responding to your questions
  • not sure exactly how a guarentee would work on a product of this nature.  I do advise my customers to persevere with the using of an MPower menstrual cup as it is not unlike contact lens usage the first few months. One would need to work out how best to insert and remove your cup as we women are all different and need to figure out our own unique system. It may take a few cycles to get it going and working well. On the other hand some customers use it fine the first time.
  • I launched my MPower cup in October 2008 due to the fact that I found the imported versions were incredibly expensive and not affordable or accessible for our South African women.  I am a single mum and only happened to use a cup that a friend donated to me as I would not have been able to afford the going price for them.
  • the lifespan with correct care is limitless.  I have suggested 5 years as the silicone begins to yellow slightly and one would likely want a new cup.  But it does not affect or hamper it's usage effectiveness so one could use it for longer.
  • I currently have one size 65mm incl the stem, 50mm the cup alone, diameter is 42mm and capacity of 27ml. There are in fact 4 holes the pics just seem to show only the two.  The 4 holes are needed to form the suction.
  • the storage bags are made by a community based project I set up, they actually started in my garage!  I have material off cuts donated to me by a local home based business, they are cotton.  The colours vary as it depends on the donation that week.  There are photos on my website.
  • in my box you will get: a cup, a storage bag and an instruction leaflet. Go onto my website, click on the FAQ link and download this leaflet to read through it. The box is closed with tamper seals so that I can avoid using any plastic packaging inside.
  • I don't currently have international stockists but have had huge responses from international markets. As a result I am currently processing my export licences. Please let me know asap should you wish to be an international stockist and I will forward you details. 
  • I have flyers, see the attachment, for marketing.  You can purchase a sample product at my wholesale price, I don't manufacture specific samples as the sample needs to be of the exact same specs as the retail product for customers to feel and see how an actual cup works.
The Mpower menstrual cup is a product that has been born out of passion and drive to support all women.  It is affordable and accessible.  I am currently working on contracts with municipalities, prison services and factories to get the MPower menstrual cup to those women who truly need to be empowered on a basic level.  The mainstream market needs to become educated and make informed choices about their health, their financial future and their environment that is being destroyed around them.  This is for all women of the world to choose a healthy, abundant, responsible and empowered life for themselves and their children.

So it looks like the MPower is quite a small cup and just a couple of posts below at http://community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups/1635832.html, they're working on expanding their market through a UK distributor.

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