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Yay for evangelism!

This is funny...the owner of SelectSmart emailed me in response to the menstrual cup quiz I made.

Dear Ms. C*****y,
We were impressed with "Which menstrual cup is right for you?"
Our visitors apparently are too. It was for a while on top of our "hot" list of the most visited selector quizzes. It also received a couple of high ratings. We especially like selector quizzes that advise and inform; your selector quiz does both. It so happens that our audience tends to be young and female, so your work should be helpful to them.

Since I suspect that this is an item that not every woman knows about, I took the liberty of adding a photo of a menstrual cup to the front page. If you object, it can be removed. Of course, you can use your editing tool (on the lower right of your selector quiz) to change that photo or to add other images.

Curt Anderson

Anyway, I'm sure that it was getting the hits and high ratings because this is such a high-traffic community, but still -- it's cool that it made their "hot" list and thus people visiting the site for other reasons may unexpectedly learn about cups :)
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