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I was planning on ordering a Lunette today, but I've just started bleeding. The only cup I can find locally is the Diva, and I'm somewhat disheartened. I really wanted to try one out... I was also looking into the color cups, but I'm sort of out of time now. I want to try one out this cycle, simply because I won't be getting the IUD until NEXT cycle, and so I may just try out a Diva instead.

I just checked the website to find that their return policy has been discontinued. I think thats super lame of them, and I'm kind of angry. But, I'm also very desperate at this point, being as I don't want to screw up the IUD by not doing this properly while I have it in, so I should really learn sooner... like, while I'm on an actual period. Hmmm.

I'm most likely going to head off to the store in a bit. I hope I find what I am looking for...

Does anyone know if WholeFoods carries any cups aside from the Diva?

Edit: Oh! One more thing, though I'm pretty sure of the answer already... I think its safe to say that the size of the holes play a factor in the suction of the cup, and so I was wondering... has anyone ever tried to poke the holes a little bigger to make the suction just a little less? I'm sure its not recommended, but I thought it would be worth it to ask.
Tags: buying decisions, iud, where to buy

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