bowen427 (bowen427) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Teachers and MC's

Lomg time lurker -slash- cup user.

Started with the DivaCup 1 when I was student teaching. Because, after all, how often do teachers get to go to the bathroom? I swear we're part camel! And, me with a heavy flow, I figured, get something that'd work WITH me teaching and not have to schlepp tampons or pads to the staff bathroom! As far as I know, I was the only teacher using a M-C when I was student teaching. That was 4 years ago. Then, I had my daughter and due to lack of $$, kept using my size 1 DivaCup till last month's cycle when I finally said "enough of the leaking, squishy-ness, etc." and bought the size 2. Was going out of town when my period was due, so I just went to the local REI (sporting goods store) and picked it up. WHY oh WHY did I not pick up the larger size sooner? :) It was like night and day, no leaks, squshing, and I never felt the cup move around like it'd been doing.

AND...come to find out, several of the other teachers in my building use a DivaCup. I think it was a godsend product especially for teachers. Plus, I find that it's hilarious talking about M-C's to non-M-C users. It's the "Eeeewww...why would you put somethign in your v- to catch the blood that's gross!" mentality. Until I get into the cost effectiveness of it and benefits, etc. Heck, my 3 year old has seen me empty and insert my cup. She asked once, "What is it" and I said, "It's mommy's cup, you'll have one when you're big."
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