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First Timer - So far ok, except for the panic removing it.

So, I've been reading about menstrual cups for quite a while.  Thinking, mulling, and slowly moving  in this direction. Because easily 90% of the information I've received and digested has been from this group, I thought I'd post my thoughts, in part in appreciation for what you've all shared already.

I'm 44 years old, have had a child, don't intend more, and frankly could do without my period.  Tampons don't fit well internally post pregnancy and pads chafe. 

Had to go to Whole Foods to get cramp bark and while I was looking saw Diva Cups on the shelf.  No time like the present.  So I brought it home, and decided to just keep moving on this experiment.  Squished it up, not worrying too much about which fold it was but seeing that the general idea worked.  It took a little work to get it situated just right, but I immediately was able to understand what people meant about sort of settling it in by running your finger around it.  It took surprisingly little time and although a little discomfort initially, not much.

Told my husband a little about it and went to bed.  No leaks, no panties, no slipping pad, not problems!  Joyful rejoicing!

Then, tried to get it out.  I knew from reading that this was likely the biggest hurdle.  OMG what a hurdle.  To start with I'm a very plus sized woman so maybe that limits my reach a bit but I could reach well enough to get it up there.  Somehow in my head, I'd sort of missed the "pulling on the stem is NOT how you get it out".  Needless to say I couldn't get a good purchase on the stem to pull, no matter how I bore down.  I was longing for the string you find on tampons, considering if I ever got it out drilling a hole to add a string. 

Panic ensued as this continued for several minutes.  I envisioned calling my husband and telling him he had to come home from work to get this out of me.  Would it last til the end of his work day?  I couldn't ask my 16 year old daughter to do it for me. 

Very carefully tried tweezers - didn't work.  Very very very carefully tried very very clean pliers (I'm a jewelery artist and have all sorts of types of pliers). Didn't work.  More panic.  Finally decided the best solution was to walk away, get into the shower and stop panicking.

Finally remembered what I had seen here to simply stick my finger up and break the seal/squeeze the cup out and it worked.  That seems anticlimactic, but picture me, moments before, on the toilet with pliers up my fandango rooting around.

The next big hurdle - do I put it back in??  That took a little thought.  I left it sitting on the sink and got dressed while I breathed.  Decided that I knew that part was the biggest challenge, I now understood it, and that the only way to go was forward. 

Three days later, I really haven't looked back.  I'm liking this a lot.  Very comfortable - notice it less than a tampon.  It's a little messy and gruesome, but I figure part of that is my inexperience and part is just the nature of the beast.  I did have a little leaking earlier today, but I took it out, rinsed it and put it back figuring something just wasn't aligned perfectly and so far, so good.

So, mostly this is a tale of thanks.  Without the resources here, it could have been a very interesting time, when I called my husband to come get it out of me. 

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