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Ideas for Informational Session

Hello community members,

I've been tossing around the idea of contacting my local health food store to ask if they'd be interested in hosting an informational session on alternative menstrual products. I figure they could either host a standalone session or make it part of one of the periodic Q&A sessions they host with a local naturopath. They only stock the DivaCup at the store, but this might generate some demand for other brands or at least increase their sales of Divas.

Even if the store isn't interested in hosting anything, I might just go ahead and do something on my own and post information about it in the store and on other local bulletin boards that would reach an environmentally conscious audience.

I guess I'm just looking for suggestions from community members about what types of products to cover in my presentation and how I might go about it. I was thinking it might be useful to have samples to show people, which would mean procuring a few things because I don't use pads or sponges so I don't have any to show people. Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to collect more reusable menstrual products. ;-)

Any ideas? This is something I'd really like to do and I want to make it a success.


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