yllwstarredsky (yllwstarredsky) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Migration

Sorry to post again so quickly, but I have a quick question about cup migration.

My Diva tends to stay where I put it, moving up just a tad over the course of the day.  - And it doesn't leak on me.

My PinkCups, though, are reaching for the sky. When I woke up this morning my PinkCup Small was waaaay the heck up there, and I had to bear-down for the first time removing a cup. I had apparently leaked a bit in the night (not too much) and I ended up spilling it into the toilet too.

This morning I decided to give the PinkCup Large a shot, and within ten minutes I could barely reach the stem! It's up there now, probably trying to climb to my throat at this point. I'd have thought the Large would get lodged, if anything, since it's so darn wide.

So my question is, is this typical of the squishier LadyCups, or are they both the wrong size & that's why they're migrating?
Tags: divacup, lady cup, teething troubles

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