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Problems removing Lunette

Hi! I posted back in January asking if I could use a cup when I've always been unsuccessful with tampons. Thanks for all your advice then! I decided on getting the small Lunette Selene. I liked the looks of it the best, especially the flat tab.

I tried it a few cycles ago but couldn't really get it in comfortably. Today I was out doing errands while wearing one of my longer cloth pads and felt a GUSH! When I got home my pad was FULL, so I figured it'd be a good time to try again. I used the origami fold and hey, it worked! I can still feel it, but it's far, far more comfortable than tampons ever were.

But of course, I'm having problems removing it, just like a lot of new cup users. Squatting or sitting on the toilet works best for me. I can reach the stem, but I can barely reach the bottom of the cup, and when I do, I can't manage to break the seal. It's easiest to insert my index and middle fingers, but that doesn't give me a good grip. I can insert my index and thumb, though that is irritating me. Haven't been able to insert a finger from the other hand to help break the seal.

I've tried all sorts of different positions, as well as taking a bathe and a shower. Tried using some lube, too, which did help a bit. Been trying on and off for over an hour and a half. Clearly, I need a break.

I probably inserted it sometime around 6:30 or 7:00 pm. It's now 1:30am. I know it's safe to leave them in for up to 12 hours, so I think I would be okay to go to bed and try in the morning, yes? Also, this might be a silly question... but given that I've been poking at myself so much and that my thumb was often up near my urethra, I'm worried about the possibility of giving myself a UTI. Anyone have that happen?

I'm thinking this cup might be too small, since I'm having problems reaching it. I do really like the look/feel of the cup, though. How does the bigger Lunette compare? Is the cup itself longer but the total length the same, or is it longer as a whole?

I'm really hoping I'll be successful tomorrow morning. I'm not at all opposed to going to my gyne if need be, but I'd rather not because I've already had to take a lot of time off work this week, plus there's the cost. Well wishes and suggestions welcome!
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