Cainariel (cainariel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Almost that time again...

So I have question for you ladies (especially lunette users, but I appreciate help from anyone). My period should start somewhere around the full moon which is coming up so I wanted to go ahead and ask.

I've noticed that the only thing I have a hesitation about is removing my cup. When I stick my fingers in, there's the opening to my vagina which is relatively loose, and then there's the ring of muscle that I've been told are my PC muscles. When I try to remove my cup, I can barely get the ring of grips at the bottom past my PC muscles before it starts to hurt. In fact, the part that hurts most during removal is getting my cup past those muscles. If I've hurt the actual entrance to my vagina, I haven't noticed it.

Of course, because that particular part is so far inside, this makes removal an issue. I can either attempt to fold the cup, or just yank it out. Obviously, yanking it out *hurts* like nothing else, but folding the cup is difficult to do. I have a hard time getting two fingers up past those muscles with the cup in as well. I can't reach the rim, so by the time the cup get's down there, I've still got to break the seal, not to mention attempting to *fold* it while keeping two fingers up there in a place that hurts. It's frustrating and I'm not entirely sure what to do about it.

Any suggestions? I briefly thought about wearing my cup everyday just to help stretch out those muscles, but I'm not sure.
Tags: lunette, removal - painful or problems
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