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Thank you for all of the help!

I've been lurking your community for a few months now, and I actually joined livejournal just because I wanted to say thanks for all of the advice given here. I'd like to briefly share my experiences in case they could help someone else. I also have a quick question - what do you store your cup in? My Diva bag works fine from what I can tell but the LadyCup bags leave a powdery film.
I have the Diva size 1 and both sizes of LadyCup now. So here goes, I hope I've got this cut thing down.
I purchased the Diva first because it was the only cup I knew of at the time besides the rubber Keeper and the Mooncup UK. I lost my first one after only one cycle and purchased another a few months later. I've only had one full cycle using my cup, and I'm on one now.
The Diva works pretty well for me with the stem cut off, though it felt a bit big. The fold that works the best for me is the punch-down, held around the middle with my right hand and with the punched-down part facing left. It seems to open well for me that way, and get where it needs to go. I never actually felt it POP open, but I can tell it's secure and if it seems low I just Kegel it into place. For reference, I have a tilted uterus and my cervix usually hangs so low that (sorry) the first time someone's hand went up there, it got poked. So there ya go.
I thought I might benefit from a squishier, and perhaps smaller cup so after doing my homework here I decided to order the LadyCup; the PinkCup to be exact. I found a two-pack of both sizes on ebay for less than the cost of one so I jumped on it. This is my first cycle with it, and I can't decide which I like better now.
If you hold them next to each other, the LadyCup Large is the largest, then the Diva 1, then the LadyCup Small. The LC small is actually almost alarmingly small when you first look at it. Like a tiny shot glass. Also, the stem is longer on it than on the Large.
I feel a bit like Goldilocks at the moment; the LC large seems to be too large (but squishy, so that helps) and the LC small seems to be too small to hold much, and possibly make a proper seal. The Diva would be perfect if it were made of the LC material with their holes as well.
For now I am test driving the Small. I'm not sure which of these I will land on, but I know I am NEVER going back to tampons and pads. You don't even want to know what I've gone through over the years!
So thank you all for the amazing wealth of information here. I am a happy convert!
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