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Hello all!

I'm super curious about the menstrual cup idea, however I'm getting an IUD inserted most likely during my next period so I wouldn't really have a chance to test the cup out without having the IUD. This makes me nervous, as I've heard that there are cups that have a ton of suction and will suck out the IUD because of it, but I've also heard many people saying that it is more likely you will accidentally grab the IUD string while removing the cup.

Regardless, I have a couple questions. First of all, which cup *generally* sits lowest? I feel as if this is important because if its lower, it means it would be away from my cervix. Also, which cup has the least amount of suction? I feel as if this would be important because then there is less likeliness that the IUD would be removed by the cup.

I was looking into the Lunette cup, since I have seen many people say that they are the best to use with the IUD, but they are so expensive! Before I go out and buy one, I'd really like some insight. Has anyone used the Lunette with the IUD before? What was your experience?

Thanks again!

Oh, one more thing... can any sort of feminine hygiene pads be used to wipe the cup off when removing it to be emptied, or just the ones sold by Lunette and other companies?

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