Twoddles as designated by Alfonzo the Black (rainbwfairie) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Twoddles as designated by Alfonzo the Black

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Two for the Price of One

Is it my lucky day or what! I bid and won a GreenCup by LadyCup for $20 about two weeks ago or so. It arrived last Thursday through my college post office. I received a package slip yesterday in my college mailbox saying that there was a package being held for me at the USPS across the street. It was too late for me to go get it yesterday, but I went this morning after class, and low and behold, it was ANOTHER GreenCup! I think I will try to sell my friend on the idea of cups. She may be more apt to try it if she didn't have to foot the initial bill. Yay for spreading the word about cups! Of course, I will first contact LadyCup to let them know.

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