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Diva Cup - Please help

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I just started using my Diva Cup.  My period is usually heavy.  I had a baby a year ago (vaginal birth) and I'm using a size 2 Diva Cup.  My muscles may possibly be very loose because I had an episiotomy and a 4th degree tear during the birth - the baby came out with her hand on her head!   After I inserted my Diva Cup for the first time, it started leaking after 4 hours.  When I removed it, I realized it was leaking because it was filled to the brim.  Is this normal?  This was day 1 of my period.  It has slowed down since.

So I inserted it again.  I had some spotting on a pad that I wore (just in case).  It didn't fill up as quick, it was comfortable, and I was very happy.  I suspected the spotting would stop after I tried inserting it a couple more times to get the hang of it.  I don't mind spotting - my periods are so heavy, it is nice to not have my period leak on my underwear and clothes! 

Any advice to prevent spotting?  Do I not have it suctioned?

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I took it out and cleaned it right before I went to bed.  I inserted it and wore it to bed with a pad.  I had some spotting when I woke up in the morning.  the cup was half full when I woke up.  But I had a horribly difficult time trying to remove it.  Through the night, it had gone up so high - I couldn't find it!  I started to get really nervous.  I was squatting in my bathroom, pushing with my kegels, working really hard for about 15 minutes...  When I could finally feel the tip (which I have not cut), my hands were so slippery, I couldn't get a grip on it.  I wish there was a string attached (like a tampon) that could help me pull it down.  I'm so scared, I haven't worn it since Sunday.  Does anyone have any advice?  Does it get better with practice?  I couldn't squat like that if the Diva Cup got lost while I was in a public bathroom!  Would Kegel exercises help?  How can I prevent it from going up so high?  Does this usually happen at night?  If I change it more frequently, would it give it less time to ride up really high and less of a chance of getting lost?  I understand it isn't lost for good - but it is scary to put my finger up and not feel the Diva Cup!

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Also, how would I know if my uterus is tilted?  I see a lot of people on this post have said that there are different tricks for a tilted uterus.  But I don't know if mine is tilted or not.
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