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Dry Run - Suction released

Hi Everyone,

I did a dry run today with my Femmecup in for a few hours, I put my cup in when I was showering, and the first time I put it in I knew it didn't seal, because it was dented in the bottom, so I removed the cup and reinserted it and it was fine then. After out of the shower I kind of felt that my cup had unsealed, but I left it in. After about 2 hours I was feeling some mild cramping so I waited for a bit and then when I went to remove my cup, there were dents at the bottom, so I know the seal was broken, also I didn't have to reach in to break the seal, I was able to pull the cup out by the stem quite easily.

Do you think the mild cramping was due to the cup not being sealed? My cervix is low right now.

Also the stem on my cup is poking out of my inner labia slightly, and I probably will remove some of the stem if not all, but I am waiting to actually use my cup on my period. I am thinking if I remove the whole stem then the cup will completely be inside past my pubic bone, and I think that would make it very comfortable, but maybe if I leave some of the stem sticking out past my pubic bone then that might not be a problem either.
Where do most people trim their stem to in terms of how far does it stick out of you (past your pubic bone)?

I will probably try another dry run tomorrow.


Tags: dry run, seal & suction
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