adrialien (adrialien) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cups arrived

My and my younger sister's Lunette Selene cups arrived today! They shipped from Little Cloth Kiwis on the 23rd and arrived at our home in California today, March 30 (1 week! I was told it normally takes 2 to the States). Plus, each of the cups came with 2 beautiful cloth liners! I was under the impression that each cup would come with just one, so the extra was a nice surprise. Anyways, I just wanted to recommend them as a good place to buy. The customer service was great, Keela is a very nice person to deal with.

The Selene Size 2 was out of stock when I placed my order and, even though this was stated on the website, Keela took the extra step to email me personally to let me know. Then, she emailed me again when she shipped the cups. My experience with Little Cloth Kiwis was great and the price is one of the best around!

I'm not sure why we each got an extra liner; maybe because we had to wait for the size 2 to come in?
Tags: lunette, where to buy

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