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Look, ma, no leaks!

Well, kinda.  This is my 3rd or fourth month with the mooncup US large that I got from C'elle.  It is a lot better than the Diva cup.  It feels like it holds more, it doesn't leak as much, I can pee in it without removing, falling out/moving, and it doesn't seem to discolor.  As much as I hate the bad rap that Keeper company has for the mooncup name tiff, the Mooncup US might be the cup for me. Although, I will still try a lunette when/if I have extra cash.

Now, yesterday was amazing for me.  I put in my mooncup and no leaks at all on my medium/heavy day.  None.  i wasn't even wearing a panty liner.  Of course, it helped that I was at home the entire day.  During the night and day, I had a pad on but the leaking was minimal compared to previous months/Diva cup usage and most due to sleeping.  Today I was at work and I don't even know if I had leaks at all.  It was comfortable.  The only time I felt uncomfortable was a few minutes of sitting down after peeing.  This is a heavy day for me and if there was leaking, it wasn't noticible.  Even when I did pee, there was no "spotting" that tends to happen with cups.  Yay.  I had to share my amazing last two period days.  

What I love about the cups is the last year my period has decided to start and stop near the 3rd/4th day.  It was horrible with pads.  By that time, I was itchy, chaffy, red and sick of my period.  Now, I can wear my cup even when my period has "stopped."  No more "OMG WHY ARE YOU HERE AGAIN!  YOU STOPPED 5 HOURS AGO!"  I don't even have to worry about it till the 5th day to take it out for good. ^_^

Overall, I LOVE  CUPS!

Now, my questions:
Now, this is also my 3rd period of being broke.  With all my leak worries, I can't go no pads at all and I've had to search my apartment/car for leftovers from my pad days.  I finally got comfortable with the idea of reusable cloth pads.  Does anyone have links for cheap cloth pads or are practicing and willing to sell cheap?  I mainly want to use them to replace disposable panty liners. What to look for in pantyliners? Are they waterproof?

Also another question, to anyone who has long finger nails, how do you not pinch your insides?  I love having long nails and I've also had to use latex gloves so I don't pinch myself.  I've started to hate this and it was just as bothersome as having to have pads everywhere!  These last two months, I've happened to have short nails during my period at least for the thumb and pointer that goes in there.  I've been able to go sans gloves but I don't want to always trim my nails for my period.
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