tntmommy (tntmommy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My Decision - LadyCup

I posted about 4 weeks ago looking for advise on which cup I should get.

I decided on a LilacCup; I'm a sucker for purple!  Let me first rave about  I ordered and paid for my new cup on March 20.  I kept watching the website to see if it had shipped.  For over a week the website said that it had not shipped.  So, I emailed customer service.  They responded within 24 hours that my cup had in fact shipped, but that their website would not update that info for some reason.  Great customer service!  Then, I was ecstatic to receive my cup today, 10 days after my order!  Yay!

Which, btw, is perfect timing, since I am spotting and will be starting my period any minute!  So, I sterilized my new cup and inserted, using the seven-fold, it popped open without any problem, piece of cake!  It was a very comfortable shape, I like it better than the Diva.  But, it was uncomfortable at first because the stem poked out and was poking my perinium and labia.  So, like my Diva, I simply flipped it inside out.  (I'll probably trim the stem after this cycle and see how it works right side out.)  It is VERY close to the same size inside out and right side out.  I popped it back in, again, it instantly popped open without any problems.  And now I can't feel it at all!!!  Unlike my Diva that I could always feel, just a little.  Anyway, I am so stoked that I made the right decision.  I will keep you posted how the rest of this cycle goes.  I am really looking forward to finally ridding my cupboard of all tampons and pads though! 

Thanks for all of your advise and help.  I truly could not have succeeded at this without all of your help!
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