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Diva cup causing irritation?

I've read this commmunity for a while now, but just recently officially joined and this is my first post.

I discovered Instead cups about a year ago and used them for one cycle. I didn't have any problems inserting or anything, but if I moved (bent over, walked around, normal movement) it would bend the ring and spill the entire contents. Not good. So I bought a Diva Cup (Size 1, never been pregnant and at the time was a virgin). I had no problems at all with it and continued to use it for about 5 months or so.

Then I started using the Nuvaring. I stacked my rings, so in the 6 months I was on the Nuvaring, I had like 1 period. I don't think I used to cup. I also became sexually active. On the ring, I started getting chronic UTIs. I never had a UTI before this. I finally switched to the pill because they discovered that the ring was causing some sort of reaction and making my cervix inflamed and irritated.

Since being on the pill (since January), I haven't have anymore UTI problems/symptoms. I figured it was the Nuvaring irritating the area. They said the the severe inflammation can cause your bladder to not fully empty and pinch off the urethra, causing infections. However, I started using the Diva cup for my last period. Everything seemed to be okay. Then I woke up with UTI symptoms, a few weeks after my period. I used the Diva Cup again for my next period (this past week) and towards the last day or so, I noticed some irritation, like a UTI was starting again.

So basically, could the Diva cup be causing the same sort of irritation as the NuvaRing did? Even though I didn't have any problems with the cup before I became sexually active?

I've also read that the Lady Cup is softer and better for people that are prone to UTIs. Anyone made the switch and noticed less irritation?

Thanks for reading/commenting.
Tags: divacup, nuvaring, uti (urinary tract infection)
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