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DivaCup - Take 2!

Hello all! I found this community maybe a year ago, and was so inspired by the stories here that I bought a DivaCup, size 1, as a 23 year old non-mom. I loved the idea of getting to know myself better "down there" and greening up another aspect of my lifestyle. When the cup arrived, I was actually excited to get my period for probably the first time ever. I remember being so nervous about insertion (I use the punch-down fold), and it took several times to get it right and involved me on my hands and knees on the floor, haha. But it is empowering, somehow.

However, I gave up on the cup pretty soon thereafter because the one issue I DID have was getting it out! It naturally sat quite high in me and, even when bearing down, I could barely grab the stem. It became really stressful and difficult, so I finally gave up and went back to tampons and pads.

Then I rediscovered this community a few days ago and decided to give it another whirl.

Miraculous! The cup still sits quite high (any lower and it won't pop open because my pubic bone is in the way), but for whatever reason it hasn't proved to be as much of a challenge to remove this time around. I had it in for 10 hours today and didn't leak so much as a drop. One thing I've noticed is I CAN run my finger carefully around it to make sure it is popped open, but if I try to twirl it, it breaks the seal and collapses and I have to reinsert. I still use the punchdown fold and am now able to insert it while standing normally, and once I get it past that pesky bone it pops open and more or less works itself into position quite easily. I absolutely cannot feel it once it's in. I kept forgetting I even had my period (I will make sure to keep the storage bag in plain sight so I don't forget about it!). And I will say it IS weirdly fascinating to learn all about the shape of my upper vaginal canal, haha...

Anyway, just thought I'd share my experience and thank all of you for such a body-positive, empowering community that actually makes periods kind of fun. Next on the list: reusable cloth pads. :-D
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