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New to cups, need help with suction, position and movement...

Hi there. I'm new to using menstrual cups. I've used tampons all along but have so many gripes about them. One thing I could count on about tampons was that I could not feel them, ever. So anyway, I started using the Diva Cup (size one as I'm 25 and have not had children) this period and have had mixed results so far. I have no difficulty getting the cup in or out. All my problems occur when it's in, lol. I don't feel like it's sealing.

1: I get a bit of leakage. Not major, but enough to force me to wear at least a liner, if not a pad.

2: It moves around constantly. When I walk I feel it shift with every step I take. When I sit down I feel it move quite a bit. It ends up REALLY low in the vagina to the extent that the end of it (not just the stem) is coming out just a bit. If I cough, forget it, it's coming all the way down.

3: When I take it out, it just slides out as though it was never suctioned. I'm pretty sure this is not a size issue as it's difficult to get the rim out and I feel it all the time like there's something large in there all the time (much worse than tampons which I never felt).

Should it move around that much or should it pretty much stay where I put it? I know they say it should sit low, but it *hurts* when it's that low. Is there a way I can keep it higher? (I don't feel it *right* after I put it in when it's sitting higher, but it just won't stay.) Is there some trick to getting it to suction? Is there something else I may be doing wrong?

I appreciate any help you can offer and hopefully look forward to a long time enjoying the benefits of cups.


Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting
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