anono4 (anono4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal methods needed

I have a femmecup and I need removal methods. I did a dry run today and was able to get the cup in pretty quickly using the c fold, but need tips on how to remove it. The firs time I tried to remove it, I thought my cup would stay stuck inside me forever. I have reached my finger up the side to break the suction, but I don't think that is working, because when I try to bring my thumb in to help remove the cup my finger slides down from the rim, so if the suction was broken it would seal again. I have tried bearing down and digging my fingers into the base.
Another thing that happens is that I end up taking the whole cup out, without it folded which is slightly painful when the rim passes through the opening.

Please give me your methods for removing the cup. I am trying to practice before I get my iud put it, so I want to have the removal method down pretty good.

Another question is should I try the cup on a dry run but keep it in for longer than a few minutes, like could I try having the cup in for a couple hours while I am out running errands?


Tags: dry run, femmecup, removal - painful or problems
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