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Suki(formerly radicalancient)

Buying a Lunette - hard/soft, shipping concerns

I was pretty happy with my MCUK, but I think a Lunette will suit me better(and last longer on my heavy days) due to my low cervix.

I'm in India, which is where my concern about shipping comes from. I've lost mail sent to me from Australia and US before - thankfully I lost nothing with much monetary value. Another thing is that I spend a considerable packet on a cup - enough for nearly 5 years of supplies(without counting inflation). Enough to buy me a pair of Levis, lol. So... I don't want to risk much.

Does anyone know if online stores will resend if the item doesn't reach me? Which online store is likely to be the most cooperative about this?

Also, I remember reading here that there was a difference in the silicone of the Lunette and the Lunette Selene - one harder, another squishier. Can someone re-enlighten me or link me to that particular post? I think I'd like a softer cup than the MCUK, as long as it doesn't compromise poppability.

Edit: Melissa569's suggestion of registered post is really the best idea. BUT. Big BUT. Registered post will cost me as much as the cup itself. Now go figure!
I think I'll finally have to beg someone who lives abroad and will be coming to India to get me a Lunette. Just like I got the MCUK :P
Tags: buying decisions, lunette

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