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Dove Soap Okay for Cleaning Cup?

Okay, I have 3 menstrual cups in my home: a DivaCup, a Lunette Selene, and a Mooncup (UK) [all small]. I've been using my MCUK to demonstrate folding/insertion methods to my younger sister (who I bought the Lunette Selene for). My MCUK has all kinds of lint and whatnot on it now, and I was wondering if Dove unscented soap would be okay to use on my cups. I've just been rinsing everything with warm water, but this question is just about the event in which I want to use soap. Dove is pretty gentle, right? I'm thinking it should be okay if I rinse everything really well. Has anyone had a bad experience with unscented soap (Dove in particular)?
Tags: cleaning, divacup, lunette selene, mooncup (uk)
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