Katherine (eexposed) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey there, I am brand new to this community, though cups have been on my radar for a long time now. I'm planning a backpacking trip this summer that will entail being on the road a lot, so I don't want to deal with funky disposable menstrual devices, and now I finally have a good excuse for why I needs me a menstrual cup! I've looked into all the options and blah blah, and am mostly aiming for a Ladycup, namely in yellow.

I went to the official Ladycup page to look at them, and I figure that it won't be a splitty one because of the fact that it's a new 2009 model, but I noticed that the yellow ones are actually discounted about 4 euro, so I'm a little suspicious. Does anyone know what this could mean? Is it defective, or unpopular, or special, or something else? I just want to make sure before I go a-clicking on the checkout button. :)

Thanks a ton! 
Tags: buying decisions, coloured lady cups

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