melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Folding Video Featuring Small Lunette Selene

Hey everyone-- I’ve posted a new video demonstrating folding techniques, using the small Lunette Selene, so we could see them all in action. I even stumbled across 2 new folds, which are at the end of the video: “Double 7 fold” and “S fold”. They both open more from side to side.

Both of the new folds are only possible with the softer cups though (small lunette, diva, lady). Here is the video link:

 I also made a brand comparison video of the brands I have-- Diva, Lunette (L/S), LadyCup (L/S), Femmecup & Instead:  

Tags: brand comparisons, diagrams & pictures, insertion - folding methods, lunette selene
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